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Dinner & Spa

I left The Langham feeling relaxed from my massage and pleasantly full from my dinner

Catching up with Friends

Not only did the food taste nice but each dish was beautifully presented.

Roux dessert
What’s Cooking

Following in the footsteps of Le Gavroche.

Like nowhere else

Whatever you do, don’t leave without one of you ordering the monumental cheeseboard, and try ...

Lunch at Roux

Lunch at Roux at The Landau is an indulgent treat, yet everything about it feels modern, ...

A Mothers Day Lunch

A place well worth a trip if you want to spoil someone, especially for lunch

Lunch by FoodEpedia

A Landau lunch that was a perfect mix of French style, mixed  with a touch of the exotic

The Arbuturian reviews

An impressive venture that not only revels in modernism, but seems to welcome diverse influences.

Taste London

With generous amuse-bouche & silver service, it was easily one of the grandest meals I have ...

London is Cool

I started off with something that I do not particularly like, oh boy did they changed my mind