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  1. Albert and Michel Roux Jr

    Father and son Albert and Michel Roux Jr are working together for the first time in over 20 years in a new collaboration. This new partnership brings the Roux’s legendary culinary expertise and creativity to the newly re-named Roux at The Landau, their second West End address.

  2. Michel Roux Jr App

    Explore the world of Roux fine cuisine with his brand new app.
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  1. Oliver Boon, Head Chef

    Oliver, a Master Chef finalist, has always dreamt of working in the best restaurants, now as Head Chef of Roux at The Landau he brings a wealth of talent to the kitchen.

  2. Franco Becci, Restaurant Manager

    The front of house team is headed up by industry veteran Franco Becci, who has been with the restaurant since its opening four years ago. A loyal following of regular diners is testament to Franco’s inherent ability to make everyone feel special and every visit memorable.