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Truffle Menu


Our Australian Black truffles have now all gone for another season

Be adventurous but don’t break the bank –
try Australian Black Truffles at cost price

"Truffles are always tricky; on the one side they’re a very powerful ingredient with an aroma and flavour like nothing else - on the other they’re a hugely expensive luxury."

"Selling ours at ‘cost price’ this season gives the kitchen a chance to work with an amazing ingredient and means our guests can enjoy a very generous quantity at a much friendlier price."

Roux at the Landau’s Head Chef, Chris King, has launched a limited edition Australian Black Truffle menu, available until approximately the end of July, depending on the season.

Book online , call 44 (0) 20 7636 1000 or email


‘Cost price’: £1140 / kg

‘a taste’
5 grams £5.70

10 grams £11.40

‘treat yourself’
15 grams £17.10

Served shaved over

Soft coddled Burford Brown egg with parmesan cream £7.00
Champagne-poached diver scallops with celeriac purée £19.50
Tagliolini with cauliflower and ‘bottarga di gallina’ £18.00
Tender veal featherblade ‘blanquette’ with well-buttered potatoes £22.00

Roux at The Landau

Chris King, Michel Roux