What Time Does Der Dutchman Start Serving Breakfast?

What Time Does Der Dutchman Start Serving Breakfast?

What Time Does Der Dutchman Start Serving Breakfast?

Der Dutchman is a popular restaurant chain known for its delicious breakfast offerings. If you’re planning to visit Der Dutchman for breakfast, you may be wondering what time they start serving their breakfast menu. In this article, we will provide you with the information you need to know.

What Time Does Der Dutchman Start Serving Breakfast?

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Der Dutchman Locations

Before we dive into the breakfast hours, let’s take a moment to appreciate the origin and various locations of Der Dutchman. Der Dutchman is originally located in Walnut Creek, Ohio. However, it has expanded its reach and now has restaurants in Plain City, Ohio and Sarasota, Florida.

Breakfast Favorites

Der Dutchman offers a variety of breakfast options to satisfy your cravings. Start your day with hot biscuits straight from the oven, freshly brewed coffee, and delicious country-style morning favorites. Whether you’re in the mood for fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, or hearty omelets, Der Dutchman has got you covered.

What Time Does Der Dutchman Start Serving Breakfast?

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Breakfast Buffet Hours

If you’re an early riser, you’ll be pleased to know that Der Dutchman’s breakfast buffet opens at seven o’clock in the morning from Monday to Saturday. This means you can enjoy a delightful breakfast spread that includes an assortment of dishes to start your day off right. From scrambled eggs and sausages to pastries and fruit, the breakfast buffet at Der Dutchman has something for everyone.

Planning Your Visit

It’s always a good idea to plan your visit in advance, especially if you’re visiting during peak hours or on Sundays. While Der Dutchman’s breakfast buffet is not available on Sundays, they do offer a delicious breakfast menu that you can order from. The breakfast menu is available from the opening time until closing. However, it’s best to check the specific hours of the Der Dutchman location you plan to visit to ensure they align with your schedule.


Der Dutchman is a fantastic destination for a scrumptious breakfast. With their wide array of breakfast favorites and an inviting ambiance, it’s no wonder why so many people flock to Der Dutchman to start their day right. Remember to check the specific breakfast hours of your desired Der Dutchman location, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy a hearty breakfast that will leave you satisfied and ready to tackle the day.

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