Central Dining Counter Artichokes-a-la-Barigoule-couscous-turmetic-emulsion_1920_1080 Braised turbot, Chateau-Chalon sauce, native lobster ravioli_1920_1080 Comte-gougeres_1920_1080 Cornish crab salad, brown crab crackers_1920_1080 Cotswold White checken gyoza, shimeji, spinach, lemongrass_1920_1080 Crisp-hen-egg-aubergine-veloute-roast-shitake_1920_1080 Earl Grey, dulcey and greapefruit chouquettes, pink grapefruit sorbet_1920_1080 Manjari_1920_1080 Pink rhubarb lightly poached, youghurt sorbet and citrus_1920_1080 Postillion_1920_1080 Roast Buccleuch beef fillet, seared foie gras, sauce 'royale'_1920_1080 Roux at The Landau - La Latteria's burrata, beetroot shiso_1920_1080 San Daniele Prosciutto, 'grissini', Kalamata olive_1920_1080 Scallop carpaccio, cauliflower, Meyer lemon, dill_1920_1080 Vanilla infused cheesecakes, sorbet and caramelised pear_1920_1080 XL Orkney scallop, Ivy House farm butter, oscietra caviar_1920_1080 _DSC4442 Largest Wine Collection | Roux at the Landau
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